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Diagnosis of bronchopulmonary allergic aspergillosis is based on the following criteria:

Damage by aspergillosis to other organs. Registered local cases of damage to organs that have contact with the external environment: the nose and sinuses, ear canal, eyes, skin and nails. When the dissemination of fungi affects the internal organs.

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Aspergillosis in this case has a severe course with the risk of Aurogra respiratory, hepatic and renal failure. Aspergillus affects the central nervous system, gastrointestinal, heart, bones, lymph nodes. Internal organs are more often affected by Aspergillus fumigatus fungi, open body cavities are more often colonized by Aspergillus niger and Aspergillus terreus.

Aspergillosis of the external auditory canal. Signs and symptoms. Aspergillus otomycosis occurs with symptoms of itching and pain in the ear canal. Discharge from the ear is profuse, greenish in color, and often occurs at night. Wet spots can be seen on the pillow (the fungus has the ability to absorb albuminates from tissue secretions). There is a narrowing of the ear canal due to skin infiltration.

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Gray overlays appear on the walls of the passage, they are difficult to remove, after their removal a bleeding surface remains. Often mycotic inflammation affects the eardrum. With an unfavorable course, the pathological process can spread to the periosteum and bone (osteomyelitic lesion). After surgery, otitis media may develop. The process is stubborn. Suppuration, inflammation and itching of the external auditory canal, a feeling of congestion, hearing loss and headache are the main symptoms of the disease.

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Diagnosis of Aspergillus otomycosis is based on the history, clinical manifestations, microscopic examination data and the isolation of Aurogra on nutrient media. Skin-allergic tests and PCR are carried out. Antifungal drugs for the disease are applied topically. In severe cases, systemic antifungal therapy is indicated. Ear cleaning is a prerequisite for successful therapy.

Young Adult Therapy

Aspergillosis of the nose and paranasal sinuses is more often recorded in immunocompetent young people with allergic rhinitis, bronchial asthma, nasal polyps or frequent headaches. Aspergillus rhinitis proceeds according to the type of vasomotor rhinitis. Discharge from the nose contains brownish crusts and films with an unpleasant odor. On examination (rhinoscopy), the mucosa is edematous. In chronic course, its hyperplasia is noted, polyps appear, bleeding granulations. In some cases, perforation of the nasal septum is recorded.

With Aspergillus sinusitis, the maxillary sinuses are more often affected. In patients with normal immunity, non-invasive forms of the disease are recorded. With non-invasive sinusitis, a spherical formation (mycetoma, aspergilloma) appears in the sinus cavity, consisting of a plexus of mycelium of Aurogra online. The mycetoma has a crumbly consistency, a heterogeneous structure on CT. In this case, scraping is sufficient, followed by drainage of the sinuses.